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Bulgari: Italy’s finest luxury handbag and jewellery designer

Founded in Rome, over 130 years ago by Italian jewellery designer Sotirio Bulgari, Bulgari’s timeless Italian handbag and jewellery design holds iconic fashion status across the globe.
Characterised by a distinctive use of colour and luxury material combinations, Bulgari channels it’s Roman roots while creatively reinvigorating its designs into the present.
With distinguished personality and luxury style, Bulgari bags and jewellery continue to delight and enchant fashion lovers.

With deep roots in tradition that transmute through the unrivalled craftsmanship evident in Bulgari bags and jewellery, the luxury fashion brand isn’t afraid to experiment with art movements and classic mythology that add depth to the creative craftsmanship and design that define the Italian house.
Timeless symbols characterise Bulgari handbags and accessories
Bulgari’s handbag and jewellery designs have explored everything from greek and roman mythology to pop art. The iconic serpent that to this day characterises Bulgari design, surfaced in the 1960’s Serpenti Collection and can be seen in the latest collections with the Serpenti Cabochon and Serpenti Forever Bulgari Shoulder Bags with the bejewelled snakehead closure. Drawing from greek mythology and the positive symbolism of serpents that denote rebirth, eternity, strength and vitality that have carried on through Bulgari’s designs to the present.
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