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by Cosette on November 08, 2021

Why wear one piece when you can wear them all? More is more, as they say - we’ve broken down our team’s best tips to layer your jewellery successfully.

How to layer your jewellery

 First up: single out your hero pieces or ‘anchors’ in your edit, as they naturally draw the most attention. Think about it this way - a spotlight is usually reserved for the star of the show, right? Keeping that in mind, giving adequate airtime for your statement pieces creates a curated feel, with any additional layering serving as a supporting act to the main event.

As you’re working mainly with the ear/neck and wrist/hand, loading up on oversized pieces too close together is going to read as cluttered or busy on the body, so stick to either or (say, an oversized chain and weighty ring, as opposed to adding a big earring into the mix). Achieving balance for the most part is in the editing process, so being mindful of how and where you place the rest of the product is what is going to create a cohesive look overall.

Jewellery: Highlight your hero pieces

Valentino Vlogo Signature Metal Ring, Balenciaga BB Drop Earrings

 When we’re talking ‘textures’, this refers to the varied weights and densities of pieces used within a look - so alternating between heavier, statement pieces and finer, daintier options to add light and shade.

For example: if you’re loading up jewellery on your wrist, adding in heavy rings on the hands would create too much interest and weight in that area – a couple of finer styles would work best in that case. As a general rule selecting one of the two in each of those areas to highlight with statement pieces will ensure your look doesn’t feel overloaded.

In terms of the pieces themselves, look for bands or rings with flat edges that allow for easy stacking. And if you're looking to layer your bracelets with a watch, style more durable pieces of different textures that'll hold strong against a timepiece.

Jewellery: Balance Textures

Saint Laurent Wavy Chain Bracelet, Valentino Rockstud Bracelet

 An obvious yet essential layering note is varying lengths in neckwear - this creates depth and allows for all your different necklaces to be seen. You don’t have to be too particular on creating equal distances here so you may have two quite close to the neck and a longer pendant, for example – this gives for a more unstructured, effortless feel.

For your weightier pieces, stick to pendants on longer chains and simpler styles closer to the neck to keep the layers streamlined, otherwise you’re at risk of your neckwear fighting for space and tangling - start with your delicate neckwear as the shortest and work with heavier chains from there.

Jewellery: Vary Lengths

Jacquemus Le Collier Chiquita, Valentino VLogo Chain Necklace

 Think about what kind of narrative you’re going for - more really is more! Punk, romantic, sculptural - whatever fits your mood. The key here is looking for similar design features within each piece you’re working with that can echo a mood throughout your look. Combine colours, shapes and metals, pair your everyday essentials with special diamond pieces or heirlooms - these elements are key to layering your jewellery in a way that feels unique to you.

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