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Cosette: Cire Trudon

by Cosette on May 03, 2024

At Cosette, our passion and purpose is to curate a discerning edit of sought-after luxury handbags and accessories and present our collection to Australian and global customers. But if you click on our website and filter by “home scent”, you will see we feature a very special addition to our line of luxury leather goods: Cire Trudon.

Founded in France in 1643 on Paris’ Rue Saint-Honoré, Trudon holds the title of the oldest candlemaker in the world. Initially candlemakers to French royalty, with patronage including Louis XIV, over nearly four centuries Trudon have been hand-pouring the finest natural candles, with their fragrances gracing the houses of Marie Antoinette to Cindy Crawford.

In 2024, the candlemakers have a cult following.

Trudon candles maintain their legacy by being hand-poured into the signature handblown green glass vessels, a tradition upheld in Tuscany. Each candle continues to be made using pure cotton wicks and vegetable wax, ensuring a superior quality burn, in the same Norman factory as 1643. The embossed gold label of each classic Trudon candle is produced exclusively by the oldest champagne label maker in France.

With their fragrances known to exude potency, power, and intoxicating allure, aficionados of Trudon often describe their experience with the brand’s creations as nothing short of ceremonial. Trudon’s scents possess the ability to transfix and transcend, surpassing the efforts of other candlemakers and fragrance creators, with their fragrance pyramids — the olfactory structure of a scent — revealing not just fragrance notes, but European reveries and the influences of historical patrons.

Globally, and through our Cosette online shop, Trudon’s bestsellers are perennial. They include Odalisque, a fragrance that diffuses femininity and the same orange blossom notes, sweetened with vanilla and freshened with juniper berries, that would strike you upon entering a 17th-century Ottoman empire garden. Also, Solis Rex, blending cedarwood, incense and top notes of eucalyptus to evoke the majestic wooden parquetry flooring of the Château de Versailles.

Other notable fragrances included collaborations with French fashion house, Giambattista Valli, resulting in two exquisite candles; Valli Rose Poivréeand Valli Postorino. A Balmain collaboration was released in 2022, delivering an exemplary update to Trudon’s classic Ernesto scent.

Trudon’s reputation as the pinnacle of candle craftsmanship is enduring. Whether adorning a vanity table, creating an ambience for a special occasion, or simply indulging in moments of self-care, Trudon candles elevate the everyday into an extraordinary experience.

The brand is a symbol of timeless elegance and artistry, and for Cosette, it is an honour to stock candles, diffusers and room sprays that capture the hearts of home scent enthusiasts globally.

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