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360-Degree Technology Reinvigorating Luxury Online Shopping

by Cosette on May 03, 2024

Sydney-based online designer handbag and accessories retailer, Cosette, recently elevated its virtual shopping experience by introducing ORB360 technology. This technology provides Cosette customers with an immersive and detailed perspective on their curated selection of designer goods.

Interactive Imagery Explained

The innovative ORB360 technology allows customers to explore Cosette’s catalogue from every angle, offering a 360-degree view that brings the items to life in a way that traditional online shopping experiences simply cannot match. Customers can zoom in to examine the finest details, with interactive images that convey draping, fabrication, true colours and other intricate product details, transforming the act of browsing into an engaging and visually stimulating journey.

Increased Customer Retention

Since the integration of the ORB360 technology, Cosette has witnessed a welcomed increase in customer engagement, with users spending more time on product pages.

Premium Brands, Reduced Prices

For those unfamiliar with Cosette, we offer a curated lineup of luxury brands such as Celine, Balenciaga, Gucci, Jacquemus, Saint Laurent, and more, and enable customers to acquire their coveted items at discounted prices.


We utilise an extensive network of suppliers that are highly reputable and have a long and close history of trading with luxury brands and their licensees. Akin to a team of premium personal shoppers, our buyers are committed to ensuring a curated selection of exclusive finds. Each purchase is meticulously assessed before shipping, guaranteeing that orders arrive in impeccable condition at the customer’s doorstep.